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About Us

The SERPİL brand, which started its fashion life with the shirts produced with quality fabric and craftsmanship since 1988, brings together almost every garment in a woman's wardrobe with today's fashion lover women with the same quality and production concept.

The SERPİL brand makes it possible to quickly add macro-micro trends to its collection, thanks to its rapid production capability, the ability to apply current trains with its unique style. It is brought together with fashion lovers quickly, including local trends during the season. SERPİL brand produces seasonal colors and patterns in a way to offer a large number of choices, and this enables every woman to go to a SERPİL store and choose a combination that suits her fashion perception and wardrobe.

SERPİL brand blends and harmonizes seasonal trends and lines with craftsmanship and offers its products to its customers at affordable prices.

The Serpil brand, which started its fashion journey with shirt production, which is its specialty, is now at the service of women who understand fashion and seek a different elegance with a wide range of products. It supports shirts, dresses, jackets, suits, skirts, trousers, trench coats and outerwear products with accessories such as shoes and bags that can be combined.

SERPİL woman, closely following today's fashion trends; She is a woman who wants to add stylish and attractive pieces to her wardrobe and loves to attract attention. SERPİL woman is aware of trends and likes details that make those trends more flamboyant and emphasis. Clothes produced with details that underline and emphasize her charm and difference are indispensable for her wardrobe.

SERPIL brand successfully adapts high quality products, which are its field of expertise, by combining them with current trends and makes it possible to shop at affordable prices. It is at the service of women who want to follow the trends and be different, with a wide range of products, exclusive and alternative models..

SERPİL brand, from A to Z with a collection boutiques in the world's many points the knowledge about Turkey and style perception of Middle Eastern women, five shops, showroom 'u and meets with customers through online shopping page.